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Friday, November 17, 2017

Review: Dead Until Dark

Dead Until Dark Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Well a few years have passed since i had last read this. And my opinions haven't changed. My Review (i feel) is still relevant, So please enjoy my previous review.

Original Review
so so different from true blood.
first difference.. no tara, and that is a big difference
no "V" drug culture
story is centered around sookie, and sookie only.

There are a few more differences.
but i'm not going to list them because they don't matter...
i mean... how boring would it be if it was straight from the book.

i'm happy at the way they have done it.
the TV series would be boring, not that the book is.

No it's far from boring.

Sookie is a waitress, working in the Bon Temps very own Merlottes Bar. owned by Sam merlotte.
Sookie has a disability(as she sees it)
until she meets bill the vampire. only then does she learn what a gift she has.

there have been a couple of murders and both bill and sookies brother Jason get the blame.
and its up to sookie to discover the real culprit.

This story sucks you in from the start (if you pardon the pun).
you find yourself loving her but sometimes you scratch your head with her (yes it has WTF moments).

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Saturday, April 29, 2017

its almost May its Time to Vote for the May BOM.
Click on the book you want to read as a group next month. if for any reason you wish to change your vote. click the change your vote link at the bottom of the poll just before the comments.
As you may all know I run a group on Goodreads called Fantasy and Vampire Book Club. affectionately known as the FVBC. I have been with the group for a while. As the main moderator my job is to promote it as well as help keep things running. also from time to time on my twitter account you will see a link to vote on the BOM( book of the month). it's my baby. it is now getting run by one of my co mods. a lovely lady named Norma. she is awesome. it has been a bit of a hit and miss finding a mod but when Norma stepped up it was just so easy and natural just to let her handle things.

anyway the main reason I'm posting today is a trial of something new for my group as well as my blog.
I post up the poll for the BOM and we are able to post up a widget of sorts on my blog. I thought why not. so I thought I'd warn you all first before I go ahead and do it.
so here goes... I'm not game enough to put it at the end of this post so i'll do another post for it.
my blog won't know what hit it... two in one day!
Happy Reading

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Review: Snared

Snared Snared by Jennifer Estep
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received an ARC of this novel with thanks to NetGalley and he publisher, in exchange for a honest and voluntary review.

Gin is Back with yet another mystery/adventure/thrillride. This time one of her friend/business acquaintance’s sister is missing and it is up to Gin to find her before her clock runs out.

Honestly i had given up reading the series at book 12. But reading this book has ignited my curiosity in the series now i'm regretting leaving the series. But you all know what that means.... TO THE LIBRARY! (lets just hope they are availible for an entire series re read).

Yes thats right folks i am willing to do a re read because of this book.
it sucks you into her world. either that or i just missed being part of her world again. Either way this book just made me want more! I should have known really. I mean the series has made it to number 16 after all.

This book is to be experienced and i honestly feel like i could give out massive spoilers so i'm going the less is more option.... should you read it? I'd say yes. Should you buy it? if you have the rest of the series i'd say why not, i don't think you would regret it.

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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Review: Silence Fallen

Silence Fallen Silence Fallen by Patricia Briggs
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I received an ARC of this novel with thanks to NetGalley and Berkley Publishing Group, in exchange for a honest and voluntary review.

This book is in both Mercy's POV and Adams POV.
Ok first of all the timeline in this book is a bit screwy. The author/ mercys notes in the book state where it sits on the timeline. .... this is awesome and so helpful.
So you kind of have a Mercy timeline and an Adam Timeline. Its like reading two books at once. Which was very unique in comparison to the other books in the series when they have been Just Mercy's POV and one consistent timeline.

As a fan of the series this change can be taken as good or bad. Good , because it shows that the author is trying something different and trying to engage the reader in a different way. On a side note i really hope we get an adam series or something. I enjoyed the different POVs , usually they confuse the hell out of me and i just end up getting frustrated. But with the author notes and the announcement of the change of POVs -its not a sudden thing, like halfway through a paragraph. Its actually whole chapters devoted to each POV. I found myself embracing the change of POV at times but other times i was like noo get back I wanna know what happens!!

OK So that is the only negative i can see about it. Other loyal fans might not like this new direction the author is going in. But to be fair she experimented with this type of pov change in one of her other books (damn i can't remember the name but i know it happened ).... but not to this extent. And i think has worked out really well.

Now we all know Mercy's way of finding trouble and chaos... its her nature as a coyote walker. Well right in chapter 1 she finds it, by getting kidnapped .
and waking up in Europe, she escapes, and makes her way to a city... any city.
Adam feels the mate bond leave and instantly goes into crazy werewolf possessive find my mate mode. All they know is what they see and have smelled. Blood , Magic, Vampire.
In this story we get to know Marsilla and Elizaveta the russian witch better oh and Zack the mysterious new werewolf. Get introduced to Larry the Goblin King, a few European Vampires, and werewolves oh and ghosts. . Lots and lots of ghosts. Mercy explores that side of her more in this book, and has a lot of interesting results.
this book has made me look into prague and pragues history (why prague you ask... read the book and you will understand). all i knew about golems was from the simpsons. so this book was kind of educational in a way!

Overall opinion
Despite the constant change of POVs, i really enjoyed this. I think it worked. I don't think it would have worked with just the one POV. and i love Adams POV so much i could really see a new series from his time before meeting mercy.... oooh that would be interesting.

I have read every book in this series so far and as this was the tenth book you kind of expect a wrap up of the series.... but it leaves you eager to read more. I don't think Mercy's story is quite finished yet. If anything this book may renew interest in the series!(i know it has for me!) Only time will tell i guess.

I could rave on about this book for ages, i love it that much. But seriously if you buy a copy of this you will not regret it. I do suggest you read the rest of the series first, but only so you know who the characters are and their relationships with each other. Believe me it is all worth it.

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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Review: Lifeblood

Lifeblood Lifeblood by Gena Showalter
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received an ARC of this novel with thanks to NetGalley and the publisher. in exchange for a honest and voluntary review.

i really liked this book.
I'm actually going to go back to read the first book. but without reading the first one i at first was hesitant to read let alone review an ARC of this book but i promised i would do one, so don't stop reading yet!

ok so first thoughts. Reading the first book IS A MUST!!!!! as i feared reading the first few pages i felt like i had missed something. but what had i missed? the journey of Tenly ( ten to her friends) to the point of where the book starts?... yeah i missed that. I missed this whole Troika and Myriad thing too.
this kind of spoiled my experience with this book.
so i continued on. some authors explain briefly what happened to get to this point.
you kind of get that with this book, but it is expertly weaved into the storyline that its not entirely visible. which is great for the continuing reader (aka people who read book 1).
so it turns out i haven't missed much at all..... but i still recommend reading book 1 .

I like whats going on between Killian and Ten. its interesting and i hope to see more of it.
but the constant growth of Ten is really something to watch. but lets face it i think i'm developing a new book character crush on Killian!

Gena Showalter has once again created great characters. Characters that you love, laugh and cry with (and for).
I just lapped this book up. once i got into it. seriously read the first book though. the start was a bit rough for me, but once i caught on, i just became absorbed in the book.

Im going to go back and read the first book and most likely add this and the others in the series into my collection!

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Sunday, August 21, 2016

OOOH what a Crafty Day I have had!

My outing scheduled for today was cancelled. My friend found something better to do.
It upset me. it pissed me off, we spoke about it and thats about all I have to say about that.
why am i telling you?
well it left me thinking yes what shall I do.
So I cleaned a little. and then I settled in to Knit my scarf.
I almost didn't type this up tonight. My hands and wrists need a bit of a break.
But I made progress.
I actually  have 4 Projects on the go at the moment.
A pair of crocheted slippers for my SO's father...for those who don't know SO means Significant Other. It should be BH or Better Half. I just feel that Boyfriend just doesn't cover what he means to me. but i'm not about to talk about him here.I feel uncomfortable talking about him.... it's like i am talking behind his back or something. same for my friend who upset me today... It feels wrong talking about them here. I'm not here for personal gossip.

OK back to crafting. where was I? oh yes. Crocheted Slippers that are actually completed. but i unfortunately have to alter them .... yet again. they are too loose. so I have to work out how to make them fit better.

My scarf that was too wide. I think it was intended to be a shrug. but it was not wide enough for that so I unravelled it and started again. I came across it while I was cleaning

I always have a beanie or two on the go. I use a knifty knitter loom for them and well I have gotten quite good at making beanies. I'm considering making some for the local hospital. I know they would appreciate some funky ones for the patients.

I also have another scarf that i'm slowly getting through. usually a row or two a night.

so yes I am quite busy. I post all my finished work on my Instagram account. And right now I don't take commissions.... yet. maybe when i get the confidence to do it, I will. but right now it is just gifts for friends and family and the occasional project for myself.

I have actually been looking at the pokemon amigurumi (geeze I hope I spelled that correctly) toys.
I would like to make the starter pokemon and Pikachu as well as a pokeball.  but right now I am going through and finding an easy to read pattern.

I also want to make some tea cosies too. and I am drooling over doilies..... I am sure I can do it. but I will have to give it a go first before I really go out and gift doilies!

a lot of the time I make prototypes of things. just to test out the theories and also to see what i need to fix for the next copy.

wow i just saw the time.... 1am ... again! this time i am a little tired.
well lets see if I can sleep!

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