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Saturday, April 29, 2017

As you may all know I run a group on Goodreads called Fantasy and Vampire Book Club. affectionately known as the FVBC. I have been with the group for a while. As the main moderator my job is to promote it as well as help keep things running. also from time to time on my twitter account you will see a link to vote on the BOM( book of the month). it's my baby. it is now getting run by one of my co mods. a lovely lady named Norma. she is awesome. it has been a bit of a hit and miss finding a mod but when Norma stepped up it was just so easy and natural just to let her handle things.

anyway the main reason I'm posting today is a trial of something new for my group as well as my blog.
I post up the poll for the BOM and we are able to post up a widget of sorts on my blog. I thought why not. so I thought I'd warn you all first before I go ahead and do it.
so here goes... I'm not game enough to put it at the end of this post so i'll do another post for it.
my blog won't know what hit it... two in one day!
Happy Reading


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