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Saturday, August 20, 2016

G'day Everyone... I am back ...and this time it is for good!

I haven't posted for a long time nor have I reviewed any books( apart from the new Harry Potter of course). I just have not had the time.... but now i do.

Since starting this blog I have managed to keep my personal dramas and tragedies off this blog (and believe me I have had my fair share) Things on my life rollercoaster were going up and down. and well I have tried a few things and it just took me a while to remember that writing is actually therapeutic. So I thought really what is stopping me from just typing up events of the day? Fear was the main factor. I was worried that I would be too boring. but I figured if I can at least have a phone conversation the least I can do is type up a blog. Maybe not daily but at least frequent enough for the therapeutic benefits of writing to work. and who knows maybe it might help control my unpredictable Anxiety and my ever lurking Depression.

So here I sit in the lounge room, CMusicTV channel in the background on a Cold friday night snuggled up with my dogs.
and you know there is nothing wrong with that. the only thing wrong is my inability to sleep,
It's currently 1am and yes I am still up, the Dogs are asleep... occasionally moving about and giving me a grumble like they are telling me I should go to bed too.

I have already tried tonight. so I sit here trying to chill with soothing classical music ... which is proving not so soothing as they have had a couple soundtrack songs i like... which have made me more alert.
ok so what next.
well I'll be heading off to sleep soon (I hope) and tomorrow I  might be going OP Shopping
Getting some more books so I can read and review them.
And yes I might check in again to tell you the wonderful things i saw at the OP Shop..... assuming I get a chance to go of course( Waiting on a friend to get back to me).

I'm hoping with my new found free time I am able to get back into moderating my group on Goodreads. It sadly has had to be put aside whilst I finished off my Diploma. But now I'm all Finished I can launch myself back into it and continue to help it grow and also back up the lovely ladies who have been doing such a great job over there. Norma and Amy you ladies are one in a million.

Reading has always been my main Passion so it was really hard to give it up when I needed it the most.  So I'm really happy to get back to it and also Moderating. I start up again Next week....I can't wait. Seriously I have links everywhere for the group so you should know what i'm going on about!
But just in case you have ignored them its The Fantasy and Vampire Book club. Look us up! Join Us and have a chat in one of our many topics availible.... if you find one that hasn't been commented in a while don't worry one of the Mods will be right behind you to comment back.... its what we do.

well this has been .... Fun.
I'll be sure to be back tomorrow. I'm off to knit a couple of rows of a scarf I started the other day.
I'll talk more about me crafting tomorrow. so stay tuned!


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