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Sunday, August 21, 2016

OOOH what a Crafty Day I have had!

My outing scheduled for today was cancelled. My friend found something better to do.
It upset me. it pissed me off, we spoke about it and thats about all I have to say about that.
why am i telling you?
well it left me thinking yes what shall I do.
So I cleaned a little. and then I settled in to Knit my scarf.
I almost didn't type this up tonight. My hands and wrists need a bit of a break.
But I made progress.
I actually  have 4 Projects on the go at the moment.
A pair of crocheted slippers for my SO's father...for those who don't know SO means Significant Other. It should be BH or Better Half. I just feel that Boyfriend just doesn't cover what he means to me. but i'm not about to talk about him here.I feel uncomfortable talking about him.... it's like i am talking behind his back or something. same for my friend who upset me today... It feels wrong talking about them here. I'm not here for personal gossip.

OK back to crafting. where was I? oh yes. Crocheted Slippers that are actually completed. but i unfortunately have to alter them .... yet again. they are too loose. so I have to work out how to make them fit better.

My scarf that was too wide. I think it was intended to be a shrug. but it was not wide enough for that so I unravelled it and started again. I came across it while I was cleaning

I always have a beanie or two on the go. I use a knifty knitter loom for them and well I have gotten quite good at making beanies. I'm considering making some for the local hospital. I know they would appreciate some funky ones for the patients.

I also have another scarf that i'm slowly getting through. usually a row or two a night.

so yes I am quite busy. I post all my finished work on my Instagram account. And right now I don't take commissions.... yet. maybe when i get the confidence to do it, I will. but right now it is just gifts for friends and family and the occasional project for myself.

I have actually been looking at the pokemon amigurumi (geeze I hope I spelled that correctly) toys.
I would like to make the starter pokemon and Pikachu as well as a pokeball.  but right now I am going through and finding an easy to read pattern.

I also want to make some tea cosies too. and I am drooling over doilies..... I am sure I can do it. but I will have to give it a go first before I really go out and gift doilies!

a lot of the time I make prototypes of things. just to test out the theories and also to see what i need to fix for the next copy.

wow i just saw the time.... 1am ... again! this time i am a little tired.
well lets see if I can sleep!


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